Computer Wizard

Creator of Code
Disector of Databases
Handyman of Hardware
User of Ubuntu
Creative Thinker
Fast Learner
Thorough Worker
Drawer of Vectors
Professor of Nothing
Owner of Cuddly Toy Cheetahs


Originally from the north of England, I now reside in Bristol performing various acts of electronic wizardry, and trying my best to turn paints into pretty things.

I can often be found buried in code, playing with pieces of hardware, talking to team mates, and working on projects.

I have played with PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Elasticsearch, NodeJS, Lua, Bash, C/C++, NASM, and various other non-programmy parts of computers and electronics.

I am mostly self-taught, learning as necessary to complete jobs as they come in.

I enjoy playing with and understanding new technologies, and respond quickly, but thoroughly, to operational requirements.

During my downtime, I enjoy being a lazy gamer, making little projects, going on walks, cooking and drawing the occasional piece of vector art (see my DeviantArt page).